The most common barriers to digital transformation & how to overcome them.

So many digital transformations run into barrier after barrier after barrier... This eBook is all about the typical barriers your digital transformation is likely to hit, how to identify them, how to avoid them, and what you can do to overcome them.

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What's In the eBook?

There are five critical areas to digital transformation and there are barriers that are more than likely to occur in all of them. If you're leading your organisation's digital transformation you may already be pulling your hair out having already encountered some (or all) of them.

This eBook guide will help you to understand, identify and overcome these barriers so that your digital transformation will stay on track.

Understand the issues.
Understand the issues.
Identify your barriers.
Identify your barriers.
Learn how to overcome them.
Learn how to overcome them.

About the Author.

Chris Futcher - Managing Director - Cavendish Wood

Chris Futcher
Managing Director, Cavendish Wood

Hello, I'm Chris and I lead the team at Cavendish Wood. We specialise in helping ambitious CIOs, CTOs and CEOs to transform their businesses to meet their constantly evolving customers’ behaviours, expectations, preferences, and needs through successful digital transformation programmes. 

I'm immensely passionate about changing the fortunes of businesses – helping them to go beyond survival and thrive in the digital age. If you feel the same or are interested to learn more about Cavendish Wood, let's connect!

Twitter: @chrisfutcher
LinkedIn: /chrisfutcher
Phone: +44 7971 826661

Full Chapter List.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 5 Technology & Competitive Landscape
Chapter 2 Strategy & Leadership
Chapter 6 People & Culture
Chapter 3 Customer Experience
Chapter 7 Next Steps
Chapter 4 Delivery & Execution