Transformational Leadership: What it's for & how to use it.

Digital transformations are difficult. A major barrier is often the transforming organisation's culture, and inextricably linked to this is it's leadership. This eBook is all about what transformational leadership is and how it can be used to effectively shape an organisation's culture so that it enables digital transformation rather than get in the way. 
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What's In the eBook?

You've probably heard about transformational leadership and possibly transactional leadership too.
If that's the case, then we're pleased you're here because in this eBook we've summarised what you need to know about how you can use a transformational leadership style to deliver a successful digital transformation programme, when it's appropriate, what it looks like (using examples) and when you can also use a transactional leadership style.
Understand the issues.
Understand the issues.
Identify your barriers.
Identify your leadership style.
Learn how to overcome them.
Learn how to apply the right kind of leadership.

About the Author.

Chris Futcher - Managing Director - Cavendish Wood

Chris Futcher
Managing Director, Cavendish Wood

Hello, I'm Chris and I lead the team at Cavendish Wood. We specialise in helping ambitious CIOs, CTOs and CEOs to transform their businesses to meet their constantly evolving customers’ behaviours, expectations, preferences, and needs through successful digital transformation programmes. 

I'm immensely passionate about changing the fortunes of businesses – helping them to go beyond survival and thrive in the digital age. If you feel the same or are interested to learn more about Cavendish Wood, let's connect!

Twitter: @chrisfutcher
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Phone: +44 7971 826661

Full Chapter List.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 5 Company culture & digital transformation
Chapter 2 Transformational leadership theory
Chapter 6 Trans. lead. advantages & disadvantages
Chapter 3 What is transformational leadership?
Chapter 7 Transactional vs trans. leadership
Chapter 4 The 4 elements of trans. leadership
Chapter 8 Transformational leadership examples